Adwords Exact Match Keywords is no more Exact

I mean you have to refresh the concept of #adwords exact match #keywords. According to recent blog post from google they are changing the way exact match keywords works. Till today, we understand [exact match] keywords will show ads for exact this keywords with slight variations. For example, for [red flower] keywords, ads can be [...]

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AdWords : Learning Bid Statergy & Campaign Status

If you are managing adwords campaign then sometime you may have notice such campaign status : eligibile (Learning) . Actualy "learning" is an Automated Bid strategy status. So you will notice this only when you have any of the follow automated bid strategy. Maximize Clicks Target Search page location Target outranking share Target CPA Enhanced [...]

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Is Google worried about Bing ads?

Few year ago, Google was the main paid advertising platform for most of the peoples including me. Over the time Bing has followed Adwords and made its most of the features like adwords so the marketers can work smoothly with bingads platform like adwords and bing is getting success with it. And, It seems Google [...]

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Adwords Price Extension

Price Extension is just another adwords campaign extension. Given below is an example on how does it looks along with ads. This extension clearly giving an advantage over competitors ads. Some visible advantages are Capturing more than double space. Giving more informal to visitors to understand your services or product Visitors can clearly know your [...]

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