PPC Packages

Different business have different types of requirement, Goals and budget and we do offer our services accordingly.

We understand the requirement of all the business owners whether your budget of Rs.20Lakh or Rs.20,000, we manage it all without any compromise with our quality. For us, every client is important and want everyone to to grow their business with our PPC Management services.

PPC/Adwords Includes 2 types of cost.

  1. Monthly PPC Budget which used to show ads and is charged for each clicks (or impression) by Google, bing, facebook etc.
  2. Our Services fee for giving time on setting and managing accounts on regular basis.

Our Fee depends upon the budget and the amount of work involved.  So when you contact us with your website, budget, then we can tell how much fee we will charge.

Here is an idea of our fee

  • Budget upto Rs.50,000 = Our Fee is Rs.10,000+tax
  • Budget upto Rs.100,000 = Our Fee is Rs.15,000+tax
  • and so on...

Get in touch with us . Our fee may be less/more as per your budget and business.